Friday, March 13, 2009

The Hamentashen House

Tis the season of Purim. To celebrate I ordered some hamentashen from a local temple. I ordered a box of cherry and apricot and a half a box of apple. They are very yummy. Then a friend of ours who is a trained maker of yummy dessert things made us some home made chocolate chip hamentashen.

Now my parents are down for a visit. They brought hamentashen with them as well. They brought some from their temple as well as some from Whole Foods. So we have hamentashen of all different kinds from four different sources. Yummy. We are going to freeze most of them so that we can pull them out at different times of the year and enjoy them. Freezing is also good so that we don't eat them all at once :) It's just need to see so many different kinds of hamentashen in one spot.

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