Monday, March 23, 2009

Cleaning the tub

Last weekend I started a cleaning experiment. I have been looking for a way to clean our bathtub floor, which is made out of fiberglass, ever since we moved into our town home. I have cleaned it before, but it never got really clean. I wanted it to be white. I asked around and got a variety of suggestions on what to use to clean it.

In the end I went for a combination of methods. I first poured powdered comet on the bathroom floor. I wanted to use a brush to really put some elbow grease on it, but I couldn't find a brush anywhere. I need to pick one up. So instead of using a brush I used Mr. Clean magic erasers as my brush. They worked pretty well. However, I think I went through five of them. A friend of mine said that they now make super duty magic erasers with scrubbers on the bottom. They sound cool and I look forward to picking some up. Anyways, I used the erasers as a brush, and then after each use I rinsed the eraser under water, squeezed it to get the water out, and then dipped it in a little white vinegar to clean it a little more.

In the end our bathroom floor did finally look white. I was very happy. It took about an hour just working on the floor alone. The only problem is since I used a combination of methods, I'm not sure which one was the material that made the most significant difference. I'm thinking it was the magic erasers, but I guess I will have to try using them first the next time. I was so proud of our clean bathroom floor that I kept going in the bathroom to look at it and didn't really want to get it dirty again. Oh well. At least I know what to do now to get it clean again.

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