Thursday, March 05, 2009

Comcast Commercial

Comcast Cable has a new series of commercials out. I saw one for the first time just last week, but I'm not sure if I like them. They are animated and have this weird song that the people sing. The song sounds very monotone like the people aren't singing but mumbling. It's odd. However, every time I hear the commercial I stop what I am doing and listen to the song. I guess that means the commercial is doing it's job. From listening to the commercial a few times I find that the longer version of the commercial is better than the shortened version, and the version that they play on the radio sounds better. Still oddly weird yet catchy. If you haven't heard the song I'm talking about go here and click anywhere to see the different versions of the commercial.


Here is the commercial from YouTube

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Pauline said...

I agree, but more. I looooooove that commercial. I have a TiVo but I watch some commercials that I think are creative. I think this one is uber-creative.